Keeping Your Property Taxes Low

I often encounter homeowners who aren't aware of the benefits of Prop 60. If you or someone you know is concerned about losing their low property tax bill if they were to sell and buy a replacement home, have them look into Proposition 60. This will allow homeowners who are 55 years or older the ability to sell their home and buy a home of equal or lesser value and transfer their old tax base to the new property. Now there are several details that you should be aware of prior to making the decision to sell. If you are like me, sometimes I like to just jump on the phone and speak with a human being about the details of my circumstance. If that's the case, here is the direct number to the Ownership Division for LA County Tax Assessor, 213-974-3441, 213-893-1239 or 213-893-1145. If you have a general question, they are good about helping. They may ask for your "assessors parcel number (APN)" if you have specific questions. Call me directly if you would like me to pull that information for you. My number is 626-347-5987. 

I've have had clients apply for the transfer in the past and it was fairly easy to do. Should you have any thoughts or questions that you think I can offer insight to, please let me know! Chris