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Our Promise To Sellers

Your satisfaction and happiness are important to us. We understand how hectic it is to sell a house. That's why we promise to make this process as stress-free as possible.

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01. Meet For A Personalized Home Assessment

What made you choose to live in your home? What makes your home unique? Uncovering this will help us position your property in its finest light to showcase its value.

We understand that no two clients and no two homes are alike. When we sit down, we will discover your goals and get you in the right direction.

02. Review Market Data & Conditions

We know that maximizing your investment is crucial to a successful outcome. We will research and provide the data to ensure the best price based on your home and the local market conditions.

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Prepare Your Home.png

03. Prepare Your Home

In addition to market research and overall consultation, we will walk through your home room by room and assist in the staging process to prep for our professional photographer & videographer. Should you request a professional stager with furniture, we have you covered.

04 Market Your Home

We offer a targeted digital marketing strategy, social media advertising, email marketing, and personalized 1 to 1 outreach to the right buyer.

Market Your Home.png
Open Your Doors to Buyers.png

05. Open Your Door To Buyers

With every open house, we aim to create a buzz and energy that will generate a sense of urgency and potential fear of loss if buyers don't act on their interest in your home.

06. Offer Selection and Closing Process

Now that we have an interested buyer. We will help you navigate the offer paperwork and help you select and negotiate the best terms to help you get escrow opened. Once we are in escrow, we will help negotiate any repairs or appraisal issues that may arise.

Offer Selection & Closing Process.png
Close & Celebrate!.png

07. Close & Celebrate!

Escrow finished. Grab the champagne. 

We'll handle the title, closing services, and inspection.


Chris was the best of the best.....He was very patient as my home was not easy tosell and took longer than anticipated......Chris always kept me updated on anymove he was making and stayed professional at all times......I was very impressed on his knowledge of buying and selling, would definitely recommend Chris as topagent at E-Homes Realty......Way to go Chris.....4/28/2023

Matthew Sakiyama90

Chris was truly outstanding. From start to finish, we knew that we had an absolutepro in our corner. Chris combined a knowledge of the area with specific and themost up-to-date research to put together his plan. As a first-time seller, I came intothe process with little idea of what to expect. I feel as if I received a masterclassfrom Chris.He explained how each step would work and gave detailed insight whenpresenting options. Chris went above and beyond in getting the property preparedand photographed before listing. My wife and I could not have asked for a betterexperience in selling ourprevious home.12/21/2022


Chris gave us great advice all along the process from choosing paint colors, toencouraging help with listing choices and changes, to choosing an escrow companythat made that process smooth. We are lookungforward to working with Chris nowas we look for our new home.11/16/2022
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